One year in Finland

Inrego has been operating in Finland, our lovely neighbor in the east, for a year. The year has been challenging in many ways, not least the task of launching a business in the midst of a pandemic. However, we have moved in to a new 3000sqm location, hired a large number of highly qualified personnel, and the reuse of IT is beginning to take shape.

The Inrego services are now effectively established in the Finnish market, and we have begun the process of becoming a value-added reuse partner in Finland. Now, we're looking forward to another successful year, growing our business and promoting a reuse mindset in the electronics industry.

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Reinvention Rules!

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Inrego brings refurbished IT from Sweden to the world, creating a smarter circular solution for the technology that powers our lives. We are one, global complete ITAD supplier, working with over 90 countries. Over the last 25 years, we’ve developed a process, which we call The Reinvention Process, to minimize the impact of used IT on the environment. 

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Buy Reinvented IT

We offer Sweden's largest range of reused and environmentally friendly computers and mobile phones, for competitive prices. All our products have undergone a detailed testing and reconditioning program by expert technicians. 

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Sell your IT Safely

We buy both small and large volumes of used IT equipment from partners all over the globe. Get in touch and we’ll make you an instant offer, if you send us the required information on your stock. You’ll be assigned one point of contact throughout the whole process. No batch is too small, too big or too complex for us to handle, and we offer a smooth and safe process. With Inrego’s 25 years of experience, you can rely on us making the offer 100% tailor-made for you. 

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The Reinvention Process

Our Swedish workshop have a top of the line process to safely handle, test and erase large quantities of IT equipment. We buy computers, smartphones and tech from companies around the world, that are tested, renewed and reinvented by our team of expert technicians. The equipment is sold on to businesses, organizations, schools and people world-wide, always with a warranty.

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Join the Reinvention!

Together we can fight the over-production that’s over-powering our planet, by rethinking our choices, reusing natures resources and reducing e-waste. Welcome to the age of reinvention, where old is the new new. Join us.

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Our global presence

Inrego’s clients and partners are all over the globe. We only sell to countries that handle electronic waste according to E.U. legislations and regulations. We never sell to countries known as e-waste hotspots or that come under trade embargos. This means we take responsibility for our products and make sure they don’t become e-waste.