Reinventing IT – our model for smarter IT consumption

Computers, mobile phones and other IT products can be reused in just the same way as cars, boats or bikes. For every computer that is reused and put to use again, we can reduce carbon emissions, save the earth's raw materials and build a circular economy, where resources and products are used more efficiently. But the philosophy of Reinventing and extending the service life of IT products is not just about the environment, but also about economics, quality and safety. It is about taking advantage of the product's value, long-term thinking and more intelligent consumption.

Reusing is better than recycling

More than half of companies and government agencies in Sweden scrap their computers, mobiles and other IT equipment when they buy new products, despite the fact that the products could be reused and be of benefit for many more years to come. This is shown by a TNS Sifo survey commissioned by Inrego of IT managers at 200 companies and government agencies.

In Sweden alone the number of computers scrapped and recycled daily would be taller than the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, if they were placed one on top of the other. This is a huge waste.

All IT products are ultimately scrapped whereupon the raw materials and equipment should be disposed of or recycled. However doing this prematurely is completely unnecessary and goes against the waste hierarchy that the EU and Sweden have committed to following.

Working towards a circular economy

In order to meet our climate targets, all of society and the business world have started to convert from the current linear economy to a circular economy. In brief this is about taking advantage of resources, materials and products for as long as possible in different forms. It is about minimising and preferably eliminating waste and recycling from happening at all and trying to emulate nature's own cycle. As we know, there is no waste at all in nature.

Reusing therefore plays a central role in the future economy. This particularly applies to IT and electronics because they consume a lot of resources when they are produced.


This is the amount of carbon dioxide we and our clients have saved since the beginning of this year by reusing IT.
The past year we have extended life of over 260,000 computers and mobiles. It gave a carbon
saving of 2 800 tonnes, corresponding to the energy to heat more than 11 000 flats a year.
Carbon dioxide savings from the reuse *
  • 109 kg CO2
  • 69 kg CO2
  • 41 kg CO2
  • 27 kg CO2
* The calculation is based on a model from the Technische Universität Berlin (Energie- und CO2-Bilanz von PCs - Relevanz für reuse Strategies, 2005) and EuP preparatory study
TREN / D1 / 40-2005, Lot3, 2007 and Inregos’ environmental impact. The model compares the environmental impact and energy consumption of reusing a computer for three years and purchase of a new computer.
Emission values for new production, distribution of the new product, operation, reconditioning, transportation for reconditioning and recycling are included in the analysis.

Considerable value in reuse

The reuse of IT makes a difference on the path towards a more sustainable society, but this is just one of the many benefits.

Sending your IT equipment to be reused means that the products are handled in a simple, safe and environmentally sound manner. The value of the equipment can, for example, be used for new IT investments or donated to charity.

Valuable resources

At the same time significant benefits to society are created. There is a great demand for reconditioned and tested IT products in several sectors of society. The fact is that the needs outweigh the supply.

For example, in order for school students in Sweden to have access to computers in teaching, a larger range of second-hand computers is necessary. In this way, the products that you are finished with can become a valuable resource for others.

Buying or renting reused IT products always give more value for money. In addition, we have made it equally safe to buy a second-hand product as it is to buy a new product, with the same performance, quality and warranty.