With a clear lifecycle approach to IT equipment and by maximising reuse, Telia Finance helps its customers to reduce IT costs and do something for the environment.

"Reusing equipment has been an important factor in our sustainability work and more and more customers demand it," says Magnus Lindwall, Business Development and Environment Manager at Telia Finance.

Telia Finance finances IT equipment, both internally within Telia and for other customers. The lifecycle perspective is central to the company's concept in order to streamline and simplify IT management, covering aspects such as purchasing, support, claim management and the return and reuse of products.

"We started discussing reusing equipment internally a few years ago when we grappled with how we should handle the IT equipment that is no longer needed. In partnership with Inrego, we then built a model to maximise reuse in a secure manner. We tested and fine tuned our approach internally and now we have the same approach for all of our customers in the Nordic region," says Magnus Lindwall.

He sees three main benefits with reuse.

"Firstly, the equipment is managed in a safe manner with the deletion of business information from hard drives and the memory, which eliminates the risk of information leaks. The second aspect is that people have better control of costs and can lower the cost of owning the equipment as it will be used again. Thirdly, reusing equipment creates clear environmental benefits."

Since 2012, Inrego has been able to reuse almost 12,000 computers, mobile phones and other IT products from Telia Finance in the Nordic region. This resulted in an environmental saving of 427 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which represents the amount of energy needed to heat approximately 1,700 flats for one year.

"We get regular environmental reports from Inrego which show the percentage of products that can be used again and the carbon savings that we have contributed to. Reusing IT is an important aspect of our sustainability work and also strengthens our business activities," concludes Magnus Lindwall.