Inrego's customer, an international company based in Sweden, was facing an IT migration in 88 cities in 30 European countries. It wanted to ensure the maximum reuse of its equipment, that the migration resulted in as little environmental impact as possible and that secure data deletion was carried out on the equipment.

The challenges in the project, in addition to the extensive geographical area, included adapting the returns to meet various national rules for handling and recycling IT products, as well as transportation and project management of a number of teams across Europe.

Inrego built special collection centres at three locations in Europe; Scotland, Germany, and Holland. Inrego's existing facility in Sweden was used to process the equipment from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The equipment was transported from the customer's offices to the centres for deletion and reconditioning on site.

Together with an environmentally certified recycling partner, the secure destruction and recycling of unusable equipment was carried out in each country. 84 % of the equipment was handled outside of Sweden.

The project involved a total of 7,500 devices. Through this programme of returns, an impressive 5,800 computers were reused to give an environmental saving of approximately 600,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide*. This corresponds to the energy required to heat 160 houses per year.

As part of the project, Inrego has built an infrastructure for the handling and deletion of used IT equipment throughout Europe that has not existed before. This means that it is now significantly easier for companies and organisations with operations in multiple countries to ensure sustainable and secure disposal of their IT equipment.