Bed manufacturer Hästens buys second-hand computers and ensures that the IT products that are replaced are recycled.

"It started with us wanting to reduce IT costs. When we realised that we could reduce costs, and save the earth's resources at the same time, what we needed to do was clear. The sustainability aspects are important to us and we have strengthened our environmental profile in this way," says Erik Norberg, IT Manager at Hästens with 200 employees.

In the last year, Hästens has bought a large number of laptops from Inrego for its head office in Köping.

"There was concern about the condition of the equipment before we went for it, but the condition and performance were above expectations. We are very satisfied with the products, support and rapid delivery we received. We have also received positive feedback internally,” says Erik Norberg, and adds that the company will continue to opt for reconditioned IT instead of new equipment.

When Hästens bought these computers they also sold their older IT equipment to Inrego at the same time, and this equipment has had the data deleted, been reconditioned and then been sold on.

"It feels good that our old machines can be useful again. I have never thought about it before, but the time factor is important. By selling the equipment which is not used as quickly as possible, the product's life cycle is maximised and it also means we get more money for the equipment."