Eskilstuna Municipality buys used computers, and in doing so, has reduced their IT equipment costs by 50-60%.

"It gives positive effects. We get more money for health and social care and at the same time we reduce our environmental impact," says Hans Gardelin, Head of Customer Service in the Service Management, Consultancy and Assignments department in Eskilstuna.

During 2014, Eskilstuna Municipality signed a framework agreement with Inrego regarding the procurement of used and reconditioned IT products. Before this, they generally bought new equipment.

"We did a preliminary study on the service life of IT equipment from an economic and environmental perspective, and saw that there was great potential in reused IT," says Hans Gardelin, Department Manager for Customer Services, which includes providing IT support to the different departments.

Since the autumn of 2014, the Local Education Authority and Health and Social Care Authority have procured about 650 computers for their operations under the framework agreement with Inrego. The manufacture of IT uses large amounts of resources and Eskilstuna's choice of procuring used products has so far reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 23,480 kg, which represents the amount of energy needed to heat more than 100 flats for one year.

"The computers work just as well as new equipment and we also get the same guarantees as we do when we buy new equipment. I myself have a used laptop and I can't even tell it is second-hand."

According to Hans Gardelin the cost for the reconditioned computers was 50-60 per cent lower than buying new ones.

"It's simple maths, and means that more money can go into our core activities," says Hans Gardelin.

He notes that all of the administrations have the opportunity to buy equipment under the framework agreement and believes that more will do so.

"Now we are looking at buying reconditioned student computers for schools, among other things. We are also investigating the possibility of allowing our old equipment to be reused instead of recycling it."