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Reusing IT from 30 countries

IT migration in 88 cities in 30 European countries

Inrego's customer, an international company based in Sweden, was facing an IT migration in 88 cities in 30 European countries. It wanted to ensure the maximum reuse of its equipment, that the migration resulted in as little environmental impact as possible and that secure data deletion was carried out on the equipment.

Telia Finance: "Reusing strengthens our business"

Telia Finance

With a clear lifecycle approach to IT equipment and by maximising reuse, Telia Finance helps its customers to reduce IT costs and do something for the environment. "Reusing equipment has been an important factor in our sustainability work and more and more customers demand it," says Magnus Lindwall, Business Development and Environment Manager at Telia Finance.

Eskilstuna Municipality has halved costs with reconditioned IT

Eskilstuna Municipality

Eskilstuna Municipality buys used computers, and in doing so, has reduced their IT equipment costs by 50-60%. "It gives positive effects. We get more money for health and social care and at the same time we reduce our environmental impact," says Hans Gardelin, Head of Customer Service in the Service Management, Consultancy and Assignments department in Eskilstuna.

"Buying second-hand enhances our environmental profile"


Bed manufacturer Hästens buys second-hand computers and ensures that the IT products that are replaced are recycled. "It started with us wanting to reduce IT costs. When we realised that we could reduce costs, and save the earth's resources at the same time, what we needed to do was clear. The sustainability aspects are important to us and we have strengthened our environmental profile in this way," says Erik Norberg, IT Manager at Hästens with 200 employees.

Stockholm University launches a sustainable model for the IT environment

Stockholm University

Stockholm University has worked together with Inrego to design a new approach to increase the reuse of computers and IT equipment and create a more sustainable IT environment. So far about 800 computers and other IT products have been able to be sent for reuse from the University which has created an environmental saving of 28,477 kilos of carbon dioxide.