We buy computers, mobile phones and other IT products which organisations do not need anymore.


We erase all data, we test and upgrade the products and make them ready for a new life.


Then we sell and rent the products covered by a warranty to companies, organisations, schools and individuals.

Want to sell your IT equipment?

Our services for reuse give you a sustainable solution for the IT equipment you no longer need.

Want to buy IT equipment?

Sweden's largest range of reused and environmentally friendly computers and mobile phones.


This is the amount of carbon dioxide we and our clients have saved since the beginning of this year by reusing IT.
This is what it’s equivalent to.
  • Power refrigerators for a year
  • Warm up apartments for a year
  • Driving times around the world by car
Beräkningen baseras på en modell från Technische Universität, Berlin (Energie- und CO2-Bilanz von PCs - Relevanz für ReUse-Strategien, 2005) samt EuP preparatory study
TREN/D1/40-2005, Lot3, 2007 och Inregos miljöpåverkan. Modellen jämför miljöpåverkan och energiåtgång för återanvändning av en dator i tre år respektive nyköp av en dator.
Utsläppsvärden för nytillverkning, nydistribution, drift, rekonditionering, transport för rekonditionering samt återvinning, inkluderas i analysen.
  • Hans Gardelin, Eskilstuna
  • Bengt Sjöberg, Cloetta
  • Erik Håkansson, Stockholm University
  • Magnus Lindwall, Telia Finance
  • Erik Norberg, Hästens
  • Henrik Nottorp, Lund University
  • Karin Bodin, Polarbröd

Inrego signs agreement with Stockholm County Council

published 19th of August 2016

Stockholm County Council (SCC) has after a contract signed an agreement with Inrego regarding reusing of computers, monitors and other IT products. The agreement runs for two years and may be extended another two years. Go to press room.