Social responsibility

We want to do everything within our means to contribute to a better society and are working in several areas. Among other things, we donate computers and IT products to those in need through non-profit organisations and work to combat the dumping of electronic waste in developing countries.

Computer sponsorship

Inrego started the donation computer sponsorship programme Datorfadder in partnership with Stockholms Stadsmission in 2013. Through the programme, companies and organisations can donate computers and other IT equipment that is no longer used in their business or that they wish to donate. We ensure that the equipment is tested and reconditioned and that the data is deleted. The products which are functional and are judged to have a long remaining service life are donated to those in need through Stockholms Stadsmissionen.

Discourage the dumping of e-waste

We are working to discourage the illegal dumping of electronic waste in the developing world through our programme for Responsible Handling. We set stringent ethical requirements on our customers, suppliers and partners. We review new partners and conduct on-site inspections to ensure that operations are conducted in an environmentally sound and responsible manner.


  • Donation to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support WWF's efforts to curb climate change, preserve the rain forests, protect the Baltic Sea and contribute to a better environment.
  • Computers and mobile phones to Stockholms Stadsmission and its various activities.
  • Computers, monitors and software to Crossroads, who support foreign EU migrants living in difficult conditions.
  • Computers and printers to Save the Children in Lithuania.
  • Tree planting in East Africa through VI-skogen to improve living conditions in the region.
  • Donation to the Naturskyddsföreningen to support the association’s efforts to spread knowledge and find constructive solutions to environmental problems.